The second serial of Fellow CPAs has been published by CICPA.
24 April 2015

On 16th March 2015, the CICPA has announced the “notice of second series of Fellow Members”, According to the "valuation of Fellow Member of Certified Public Accountants " HUI XIE (2008) No. 75 and "the second series of Fellow Members Evaluation Program", the CICPA has completed the recommendation and review of the candidates, the candidates list has been published for one week after the consideration by the administration committee of CICPA, it has been approved by the fifth session of the Executive Council. The fellow members defined as practice and non-practice; the practice can be titled as Fellow Certified Public Accountants (FCPA)

The managing partner Holly Chen and the Partner Frank Yu are listed in the second series of Fellow Members. Total second series Fellow Members are 758 people, together with the awarded first series Fellow Members 684 people, there are 1442 FCPA of The Chinese Instituted Certified Public Accountants (CICPA)

Ref: The Chinese Instituted Certified Public Accountants